How is medical acupuncture different from traditional Chinese acupuncture?

The classical Chinese explanation for acupuncture is that there are defined channels of energy that run through the body that can be accessed at certain points with needles to enhance the flow of energy through the channel and thus allow the patient to heal themselves. Scientifically it has been explained that needling certain points will cause the nervous system to release chemicals to improve the regulatory systems of the body.  Medical acupuncture integrates acupuncture from various traditional and more modern forms of acupuncture with western medical training to provide a more comprehensive approach to health care. Dr. Rajiv Yadava and Dr. Shivi Yadava have been trained through Helm’s Medical Institute which is the longest running medical acupuncture training program for physicians in North America.

 This is an example of what electroacupuncture looks like.


This is an example of auricular acupuncture using ASPs.

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