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Our approach to an Integration of Traditional and Holistic medicine

Every patient is unique and requires an individualized assessment and treatment approach to reach their health goals. Conventional care is utilized along with complementary or alternative approaches in order to provide a more comprehensive and personalized delivery of care. As doctors of osteopathy, we look at the patient as a whole -mind, body, and spirit - we strive to find the health within our patients so that they can live up to their potential and realize their birthright of health.

Complementary and alternative treatment modalities used in the clinic include osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, homeopathy, ozone therapies, peptide formulations, and functional medicine with nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Procedures are minimally invasive, safe, effective, have little to no side effects, and have withstood the test of time. Medication usage is minimal and reduced as health improves over time. Surgery is advised as a last resort and can at times can be avoided. Patients receive education on diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise. As practitioners of health and lifestyle, we utilize a combination of the above-mentioned disciplines to provide a synergistic treatment approach that enhances our patients’ response to care. All disciplines may not always be used in certain cases, but they work better together than separately.

The founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, shifted the practice of medicine and founded this profession out of the intent to better serve his community. The intent of service was key for his success and is central to the Osteopathic profession. Dr. Still once said, "I love my fellow man, because I see God in his face and form." Rabindranath Tagore once said that " I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw life was service. I acted .... and behold, service was joy." With the spirit of service, our aim is to achieve outcomes that meet or exceed the patients' expectations. Good health is a birthright to enjoy and while life can make that difficult to accomplish, we are committed to helping our patients maximize their health and life potential. If you would like to improve your health condition or reach a health goal that allows you to enjoy a better quality of life, we are here to help.

Meet our team

Dr. Rajiv L. Yadava

Dr. Rajiv L. Yadava

Dr. Yadava Sr. is a board certified physician, he completed medical school in 1991 at Midwestern University in Chicago where he also completed a fellowship in OMM. After finishing his internship at Metropolitan Medical Center in St. Louis he started his private practice which has been expanding services for the past 30 years. He has given lectures at national medical conferences and authored several publications listed below. He has served leadership roles on various medical committees and departments for hospital, state, and national organizations. In 1999 he co-chaired the American Academy of Osteopathy's annual Convention. Dr. Yadava contributed a chapter in the medical textbook, "Foundations in Osteopathic Medicine 3rd and 4th edition" by the American Osteopathic Association, as well as a two volume CD series – “Osteopathic Medicine.” He inspired his daughter to pursue osteopathic medicine and join the practice.

Dr. Shivi Yadava

Dr. Shivi Yadava

Dr. Shivi Yadava, the daughter of Dr. Yadava Sr., completed medical school at Rocky Vista University in Colorado in 2019 and completed residency training in 2022 at Mercy Hospital St. Louis as a board-certified Family Medicine Physician. During her years of training, she was awarded the Osteopathic Principles and Practices Department Award for her medical school class and The Whitney Knapp, DO award for osteopathic recognition in academic achievement for her residency class. In addition to training under her father she has taken courses from the Osteopathic Cranial Academy, Institute of Functional Medicine, and Helm’s Medical Institute among others.

  • "To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease." - Philosophy of Osteopathy

  • "We speak of life, but know of it only as we see bodies move by life back of the visible matter." - Andrew Taylor Still. DO


Dr. Rajiv Yadava has had a number of talented physician mentors. The most influential being Dr. Robert C. Fulford, DO. Dr. Rajiv Yadava was one of 2 doctors personally requested by Dr. Fulford to continue teaching his work to the profession just before his passing in 1997. The other was Dr. Richard Koss.

For more information on Dr.Robert C. Fulford, DO

1) Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil chapter 2 titled "Right In My Own Backyard"

2) Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life by Dr. Fulford, DO with Gene Stone

Dr. Robert C. Fulford, DO was a physician like no other during and since his time (1905-1997). Dr. Andrew Weil, MD conducted this documentary and talks of Dr. Fulford and cranial osteopathy (not to be confused with cranial sacral therapy) in the second chapter of his best-selling book, "Spontaneous Healing". Reader interest in that chapter sparked the publication of a book entitled "Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life" by Dr. Fulford, DO with Gene stone within the same year (1997). These 2 books are the most accurate accounts of this great man available at this time.

Dr. Rajiv Yadava was asked, “To what do you attribute your success?”

“Really good teachers. Teachings can come from parents, friends, coworkers, nature, and various teaching institutions. We can be taught from children and the aged, from the living and those that have passed, from the formally educated and those without any schooling. Teaching is an undervalued community service. Imagine what it would be like without their contribution towards our professional and personal development? Books can give us information but teaching from a living teacher brings teaching to life. It adds a dimension that books alone cannot provide. Good teachers not only help us learn, but teach us how to learn. This is an art that applies to the rest of our lives as we try to improve the life of others, ourselves and our community. Whether we are aware of what vital role teachers play in our life or not, we will be forever be indebted to them.”

Dr. Robert C. Fulford, DO: An Osteopathic Alternative

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